Our homes should be places where there is order, where there is a sense of calm and peace of mind. A clean, neat, and organized space not only makes a more attractive setting for you and your guests, but also makes life easier and less stressful. Don’t allow clutter and disorganization to stifle and rob you any longer! As we remove your clutter, we also remove discouragement, stress, and the tiredness you feel from a bulging home.

Organized kitchen cabinet
Find what you need quickly in an organized kitchen

We help you make decisions on what to toss and what to keep, give you advice on how to store things in an organized manner, and design new family organizing systems that stand the test of time.

We organize:

  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Game rooms
  • Family rooms
  • Even entire homes!

With your guidance, we remove clutter and then organize what you choose to keep. We personalize our services and work to ensure your valuables and essential items are well cared for and easily accessible.

One of our goals is to help you stay organized by finding homes for all of your items. You are then able to stay on top of “clutter chaos” after we leave. Shape Up Your Space will transform your home or office into the relaxing and organized space you desire and deserve.

If your home needs to go on a clutter diet, contact us for an appointment to Shape Up Your Space!