Shape Up Your Space concentrates on three related professional services: organizing, redecorating, and home staging. Interested in one of our services? Contact us today!


If clutter and disorganization are negatively affecting your personal and professional life, your relationships, your mood, or your interactions with others, it is time to seek the advice and services of a professional organizer. Sometimes, two hands are not enough to manage the clutter and unwanted items that have accumulated over the months or years.

Remove clutter and unwanted items – organize closets, rooms, offices, and garages – find permanent places for personal items and essentials – downsize your belongings


Bring new life to rooms and spaces that have become tired and worn – and do it without breaking your budget or over spending. We are experts at repurposing and creative reuse and find unique ways to use items you already have for a new and updated look.

Revitalize and bring beauty to a worn out room

Stage for Sale

If you are preparing your home for sale and want to WOW prospective buyers, home staging services allow visitors to instantly visualize themselves living in your space. Staging is a great way to ensure your house sells as quickly as possible and at a premium price.

If your move is in the near future, we can do some pre-packing for you along the way.