This sweet little family room needed to serve so many purposes, and yet nothing was working because there were no set spaces for each function. It needed to house the laundry, a desk space, a toy space, and a TV viewing space.

Organizing the Space

  • We organized toys in bins clearly labeled so the 5 year old can return them when he is finished playing.
  • We turned the sofa to separate the living room, givingĀ  a relaxing and calming space for TV watching and conversations.
  • We organized the toy area in the back, with defined places and “homes” for each toy and craft item.
  • We placed the table behind the sofa, giving a nice bright spot for writing out bills, doing crafts, or playing games.

Living Room Area – BEFORE

BEFORE - living room area

Living Room Area – AFTER

Living room area - AFTER

Work Area and Laundry – BEFORE

Toy and laundry - BEFORE

Work Area and Laundry – AFTER

Toy and laundry - AFTER

Take Control of Your Space

Shape Up Your Space can turn non-functioning spaces into enjoyable spaces! It’s like having a new room, without the huge expense – contact us today!