Over the 18 years we have been in this business, we have used storage cubes with canvas bins for almost every room in the house! We have used them for barbies and legos in the playroom……T-shirts and underclothes in the boy’s room….shoes, and dress-up clothes in the girl’s room…….scarves, socks, belts, and cami’s in mom and dad’s room……..paints, crayons, and art supplies in the back of the dining room……and even food storage for a tiny apartment kitchen with very little cabinet space!!! Labeling each bin lets you know right where things are at………………AND where to put them away! The unit shown is from Costco, but many other big box stores carry them too. The units can also be turned vertical depending on your space.  Never underestimate the power of storage cubes when organizing your belongings in any room of the house!

Organize a Room
Getting started organizing a room.

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