Freezer storage. How many times have you found an unrecognizable pack of something at the bottom of your freezer? It has happened to all of us, but this food and money wasting habit can stop with just a few freezer tips.

1. Label, label, label!! While you think you will remember what you put in the container with the red lid, you WON’T!! So label the top with the item name and date.

2. Designate shelves or spaces for certain items: veggies and fruits go on the second shelf, or in a chest freezer, to the right. Meats go in the basket on the bottom shelf, or in a basket on top of the fruits and veggies. If you can label the shelves or bins or baskets, do so!

3. Once every 3 months set aside an hour to rotate what is in your freezer. This is the real secret friends!!!! At this time make a list of what you need to use up. Plan the next weeks’ meals according to what you need to use from your freezer.

4. If you find you have an overabundance of bread (even hotdog or hamburg rolls) , make them into french toast one morning for breakfast. Or make a big batch and let family members heat a few slices over the next couple of mornings by warming quickly in the microwave.

5. Your freezer runs most efficiently when it is full. So if you find it running low, put in a few gallons of water. This not only helps with efficiency, but if the power goes out, your freezer will stay cold longer! (And the water is there for drinking in an emergency too)

Your freezer is an asset, so let it work for you in the best possible ways!!

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