Spring has arrived, with signs of nature awakening around us.
For many it also signals the start of deep cleaning and de-cluttering.
To help with the process, here are 8 suggestions for harder-to-donate items.

1. MAGAZINES – Recycling bin for most, but specialty, back, or out of print issues can be
sold on eBay

2. YARN – Senior centers, assisted or independent living facilities, Sunday school or
school art classes

3. SCHOOL SUPPLIES – Elementary schools, creative reuse stores, churches or other
religious facilities

4. WELL LOVED CLOTHES – Clean items too old or used to be resold as wearable
clothing can be donated and recycled into new products.  Many Good Wills send worn clothing to textile plants to be recycled, but it is a good practice to check with your local Good Will for their policies on this.

5. OLD TOWELS & BLANKETS – Local animal shelter or veterinary clinic

6. APPLIANCE ACCESSORIES – Appliance repair and service shops may use old or odd

7. LEFTOVER BUILDING MATERIALS – Local Re-Store, operated by Habitat for Humanity

8. PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS – Homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters,
Buy Nothing Groups, part of Buy Nothing Project

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