Everyone wants the best return on their homes, so it is imperative that they have their house “buyer ready” when it hits the market. But no one wants to spend unnecessary funds on adding upgrades that won’t pay off.  How do you know where to begin?  Here are some tips to help you decide what to do before listing your home.

– Paint is the most economical way to freshen or clean up a room.  To appeal to the greatest number of buyers, stick with neutral tones, like grays and creams.  Giving a room a fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel and brightness of a room for very little money.

-Clearing your clutter and personal belongings is a must!  As you will need to pack for moving anyway, begin your pre-packing BEFORE putting your home on the market.  Clearing off countertops, dressers, tables, end tables, etc. not only makes the spaces look neater, but it gives the rooms a larger feeling.   It is also important to pack away most of your personal photos and mementos. Buyers want to visualize their own belongings in your home and not be sidetracked when looking at yours.

-Remove out of season clothes and coats from your closets to make the spaces seem larger.  Buyers are looking for premium storage and want to see that there will be plenty of room for their belongings.

-Deep cleaning every room is a high priority!  You especially want to target the bathroom and kitchen, making sure to clean any grime, moldy grout, or edges that have collected dirt over the years.    If you don’t have time yourself, it will be worth it to hire a cleaning company.  Potential buyers do not want to move into your grime, so  make sure every area is clean.  If you have a basement, check for musty or moldy smells.  “Old” smells can be a  real turn off to buyers!  After cleaning, buy a dehumidifier or air purifier to keep the area smelling fresh.

-Replacing grungy faucets, painting kitchen cabinets, or replacing outdated hardware are also cost effective upgrades that will pay off.  New towels, bath mat and shower curtain for the bathroom will brighten and update the space.  Improvements do not have to break the bank to add value.

-Make sure each room can be brightly lit when buyers visit your home.  Blinds should be raised, heavy drapes opened or removed, and overhead lights should be turned on.  In rooms with poor lighting, consider adding a table or floor lamp.

-Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home to post online.  Most buyers shop online first, so if you present poor photos, you may not get actual buyer traffic coming to your home to take a look.

If all of this seems overwhelming to accomplish yourself, we can do the work for you!  We can create a detailed list of what needs to be done at your own convenience, or you can hire us to completely stage your home for you!  Just call to schedule an appointment so that your home is ready when you are!!

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